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Drawing a Circle of Beauty, Commerce and Hope

We have been struck lately by the intimacy of our work with you, our retail customers, and the artists of Beyond Borders in Haiti. There is so much in the fabric of everyone’s collective story … Customer Pam has recently lost a dear friend in a battle with cancer. Her co-worker includes a special Haitian metal art cross in their store’s order to remind her of life beyond. Artist Jean writes us to please include a strong order for him because he needs to make [...]

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We Love the Story of How Haitian Metal Art Began!

Haitian metal art has become even more popular in the last few years with the growing interest in Fair Trade. After the 2010 earthquake that rocked Haiti to its core, Haitians leaned on their heritage to help rebuild their lives. Creating beautiful handcrafted gifts like the Haitian metal art has been instrumental in the rebirth of Haiti. How did Haitian Metal Art get its start? In the 1950's a railway mechanic working in the Dominican Republic, Georges Liautaud (born 1899), decided it was time [...]

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